San Diego’s premier provider of quality apparel finishing services. At Amigo, we have built a reputation for premium quality products and unparalleled customer service. We understand that your product is your brand, and that ‘good enough’ usually isn’t. From Custom Screen Printing to Label Changing and Professional Packaging – at Amigo, we’ve got your back.

The Jamul Toads T-shirt project from BREADTRUCK FILMS on Vimeo.


We are different in many ways. For starters, we cut our teeth as manufacturers of high-end apparel – not as printers. As a manufacturer, our focus was to produce flawless runs of active gear for the Action Sport community – and this holistic approach offered us a unique and valuable perspective.

In keeping with the strict standards of excellence we imposed on ourselves, we developed sophisticated screen-printing capabilities in-house. As we grew, the core principle of Amigo Custom Screen Printing was to treat each Client project as though it was our very own. This unyielding pursuit of excellence is still very much in place today.

It is evident in the quality inks, materials and processes we use and in the care and handling of each garment. Meticulous attention to detail, advanced quality assurance controls and a passionate commitment to the interests of our Customers have become the hallmark of our business.


Screen Printing
• Our advanced facility supports both Index and Discharge processes
• Premium quality Plastisol and Water-based inks
• Specialty services include Foil and Soft-Touch printing

Label Changing
• High quality labels available
• Professionally removed/replaced labels are sewn over/under apparel taping
• Custom application of labels to garment available

Professional Packaging
• Finishing service include folding, hang-tagging, poly-bagging, sorting and boxing
• Packing, distribution & drop shipping services available as well


Please feel free to stop by, give us a call or drop us an email.

6351 Yarrow Dr.
Suite A & B
Carlsbad CA 92011

(p) 760.452.7962
(f) 760.431.9111

[email protected]



Accepted File Types
Macintosh Preferred. Some Windows based PC file formats will work. Call 760.452.7962 for exact specifics if not covered here.

Submissions Should Include Color Callouts
Pantone (PMS) color required. Please provide a .PDF or .JPG for viewing.

Adobe Illustrator (Mac/Windows PC)
All text must be converted to outlines to prevent the need for us to have your exact font. Images of photos or drawings placed into and AI must be included and may not be useable. Save as Illustrator EPS.

Corel Draw
Files should be converted to Adobe Illustrator. All Type or Text must first be converted to outlines, and then be saved as ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR FILE type (a pull-down menu option within the SAVE dialog window box).

Preferred file types are layered PSD. EPS and TIF files are also accepted. Images should be sized already (3.5” wide for left chest, 10”-13” wide for front and back prints). Resolution should be 300 dpi. Please contact us if your files are in another format.

Please call (760.452.7962) to verify prior to submitting these file types

Properly formatted PDF files are accepted. Please call with any questions regarding formatting PDF files.

All text must be converted to outlines to prevent the need for us to have your exact font. Images of photos or drawings placed into and AI must be included and may not be useable. Save as Illustrator EPS.

We cannot use Microsoft Publisher or Paint files. We can open and view Microsoft Word documents however aside from simple Text, 98% of the time we cannot use the actual artwork from Word. In these cases we will most likely need to start from scratch and recreate the entire design. Accordingly, artwork charges may apply.

Artwork may be sent via the US post office THOUGH UPS, FED EX or AIRBORNE is recommended. We accept DVD or CD ROM’s please contact us if it is in another format.

Send to [email protected] or via disc to 6351 Yarrow Dr. Suite A & B, Carlsbad CA 92009